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40 years Atanasovsko Lake Reserve

Aug. 09, 2020
AL reserve birthday
The interesting events related to the favorite Atanasovsko Lake continue in Burgas. This Wednesday is the birthday of the reserve, which in 2020 will celebrate 40 years since its announcement. The Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water - Burgas, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Black Sea Salinas Ltd. invites you to a birthday on August 12, because this is the date when in 1980 the order for declaring the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve was issued.

The celebration will include a walk with the Salt Train in the area of ​​the Northern Salinas, observation of the beautiful colors of the coastal lagoon Atanasovsko Lake and its most famous inhabitants - the birds, as well as an unusual cake for the unusual birthday.

Atanasovsko Lake combines different nature protection regimes - the northern part is a maintained reserve, the southern - a protected area, the whole lake is a Ramsar site, and together with the adjacent agricultural lands - Natura 2000 zone. It is a symbiosis between nature and man and is an excellent example of what opportunities a Natura 2000 area offers and how it can realize various benefits - through salt, lye, relaxing and aesthetic value and more.

For these 40 years since its announcement, the reserve has gone through many exciting moments - its value was noticed first by an Englishman, a teacher at the English High School in Burgas - Mr. John Roberts, then by Tanyo Michev, who dedicated his life to the lake and his students. Hundreds of Bulgarians have found their first "field university" here and have set out on their way to nature conservation at home or abroad. Here was the first conservation brigade in Bulgaria, which brings together young, enthusiastic people from all over the country, who begin to "build" for the birds on the lake. Exotic and rare species have been observed here, many important scientific types of research and discoveries have been made, dozens of student internships have been conducted, lessons for students, festivals, holidays have been opened.

There have also been numerous floods, species extinctions, fires and building threats. But during all these years the reserve survives and continues to be the bird paradise of Bulgaria, the good model between production and protected nature, the lagoon of colourful waters and pink pools, salt springs and birds resting on the dikes, the favorite place of pelicans, waders, herons, and recently the flamingo.

On August 12, 2020, the Salt Train will make two courses - at 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm, in order to be able to transport those who wish, but since the places are limited, it is necessary to pre-register at The meeting point is in the parking lot of northern salinas next to the "Point" at 17.15 (for the first) or 17.45 (for the second course) (we also attach a map from )

The organizers advise guests to wear comfortable shoes because there is a short walk to the bird watching platform near the reserve, where the celebration will be made. Wear a sun hat, take water, a camera and binoculars. At 6.30 pm there will be congratulations and "cutting the cake", after which the return with the train will start (at 19.00 and 19.30).

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