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Kids at the "symBiotic" museum

Jun 04, 2021
Two groups of kids from Pinocchio Kindergarten - Burgas visited Atanasovsko Lake and had fun inside and in front of the museum "Symbiotic", walked to the pools with lye and mud and saw up close some of the birds nesting at the moment.

The children from the group "Buboleche" and the group "Sturche" arrived in the area of ​​Atanasovsko Lake on June 3rd and were separated so that they could enjoy the program prepared for them by the team of "The Lagoon of Life" Project.

One group, led by Diyana Kostovska, visited the pools with lye and mud and got acquainted with some of the characteristic inhabitants and the history of the lake, and the other group, led by Radostina Tzenova, had fun and learned in "symbiotic".

"Pinocchio" is an ecological kindergarten in which special attention is paid to nature and the children had great interest, asked questions and showed good knowledge. The hammocks and pouffes in the yard of "Symbiotic" created an additional mood for kids and the fun games for the birds, which are typical for Atanasovkso lake.

The picnic in the yard will remain unforgettable, and the emotion from the meeting with the lake will keep them for a long time.

The children's visit to Symbiotic is a reward for their excellent performance during the Carnival of Biodiversity in 2019.

We invite other kindergartens that have not taken advantage of their prize to come to us on the shores of the lake to have fun and learn outdoors in nature.

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