Иво Данчев


Large image of a pelican in Persina Park

Jul 06, 2021
Under the expert guidance of BBF and the team of the "Lagoon of Life" project, who have experience in creating such an image a month ago in the Sea Garden of Burgas - children, parents, participants and guests of the festival gathered and formed a "living" Dalmatian pelican.

The space in front of the Persina Nature Park Visitor Center was outlined in the shape of a pelican and everyone with white and orange leaves enlivened the shape and created a really huge image together.

The BBF team had its own stand dedicated to the birds feeding and especially to the pelicans. The children could learn what devices the different species have to eat fruits, seeds, worms, acorns, fish, etc. They had to feed our pelican with the food they thought was right - corn, grass or fish :) They could test their knowledge of pelicans and win a prize, as well as take pictures as a Dalmatian pelican or as a Flamingo - the biggest attraction in the lake at the moment.

Radostina Tzenova - communication expert of the project gave a special lecture - "Atanasovsko Lake - the lagoon of life" in the hall of the Visitor Center and aroused great interest in the lake and its products.

The hosts from the Persina Nature Park Directorate also organized a visit to Persina Island to observe the pelicans, which still occupy the two platforms built under the Pelican Life project (LIFE18 / NAT / NL / 000716). The visit to the observation tower, the meeting with the still numerous inhabitants of the wetland, whose water level is controlled by a system of locks, was especially useful for our team. We also had a special meeting with colleagues from the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) to exchange experiences.

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