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Meeting to discuss the matrix for integrated monitoring of the lagoons

Feb. 27, 2020
Today, 27.02.2020 in the conference hall of RIEW Burgas was held a meeting to discuss the Matrix for integrated monitoring of natural habitat 1150 * coastal lagoons in active salt pans in the Black Sea biogeographical region.

The meeting was initiated by the team of the LIFE project "Lagoon of Life" and was attended by specialists from the Department of Biodiversity and Protected Areas at the RIEW, as well as the Regional Environmental Laboratory at the EEA. The meeting was opened by the Director of RIEW Burgas - Eng. Tonka Atanasova, who welcomed such a format of information exchange and sharing of important environmental issues.

The Conservation expert of the project Spas Uzunov presented the Matrix and the whole process of its preparation. It aims to propose an algorithm for monitoring and assessment of the conservation status of habitat Coastal lagoons 1150* in modified lagoons, in particular, active salt pans for sea salt production through solar evaporation in CMBR.

The task of the matrix is ​​to offer:
  • appropriate parameters for assessment of the conservation status of habitat 1150 * in the conditions of active malting on the basis of the parameters in DH and WFD;
  • the reference values ​​of all parameters for habitat assessment 1150 * in SPA Atanasovsko Lake;
  • methods for measuring or calculating the values ​​of all parameters for habitat assessment 1150 * in Atanasovsko Lake SPA;
  • representative points and periods for monitoring of habitat 1150* in SPA Atanasovsko Lake.
In the course of the discussion details of the methodology were specified and the parameters for assessment of the condition of 1150 * were discussed, including analysis of the impact of the threats on it and/or manifestation of new ones.

This process for involving the institutions and communicating the results of the project activities is especially useful for our joint work for the protection of Natura 2000 area Atanasovsko Lake and in general for nature protection.

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