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Nature as a school or the BFF experience in education

Mar 30, 2023

A BBF expert participated as a speaker in the educational conference "School for the Future" in Burgas on 25 March 2023.

School for the Future is an initiative aimed at teachers and principals of schools in Bulgaria - a high-value event during which participants exchange mutual experiences in best teaching practices and the speakers are visionaries with many years of experience in the education system who are not just part of the change, but its creators.

The greatest satisfaction for a teacher is an inspired student, so the organizers believe that good teaching is a combination of passion for knowledge and the use of modern innovative practices. At the sixth annual Schools for the Future conference, both of these approaches are at work.

Over 50 teachers and principals from across the country (very few from the region, unfortunately) attended the conference and made Quality and Modern Education their mission.

"It was a real pleasure for me to be invited as a speaker in this Conference, which brings together like-minded people from all over Bulgaria and where you can learn about innovative methods in education, get energized and energized for change and be in the company of such remarkable speakers. And even better to be able to share BBF's experience in education for and in nature" - says Radostina Cenova from BBF. Through various game forms, the BFB team spreads knowledge about biodiversity, climate change and opportunities for young people of different ages to get involved and change the world around us. The Biodiversity Carnival, Interactive Theatre, Rent-free Theatre, Pickleball Tournaments, and Climate Compact - an open-access online course on climate change - are just some of the tools BBF has to get young people interested.

Participants in the Conference received the BBF calendar for the Year of Biodiversity and Climate, posters on ecosystem services from Lake Atanasovsko and Code Salt pencils. We hope that many student groups from all over the country will visit both SimBiotic and the Sabre-billed Sandpiper Trail in South Lake Atanasovsko in the new season.

The conference programme in Burgas (24 - 26 March):

  • BARABAR with storytelling - Maria Alkalay
  • About children and the forest - Vladimir Dimitrov
  • Using Artificial Intelligence in Education - Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Education in the school process - Nikoleta Petrova
  • Applied Neuroscience in Education: Emotion Regulation and Conflict Management - Dr. Zheni Lazarova
  • The Power and Potential of Our First Meeting with Parents and Children at School - Borislava Cherkezova
  • Rights or responsibilities - propaganda or progress in school? - Georgi Bogdanov
  • The signals we give. The signals we extract - Georgi Malchev
  • Mathematical Focuses - Svetlana Goranova
  • Educational projects of Think Forward - Galina Milkova
  • Schrödinger's cat in the education system - Polina Kotseva
  • The systemic approach in permaculture and in school - Silvia Uzunova
  • Nature as a school - Radostina Zenova
  • Body, movement, consciousness - Petya Stoykova

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