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SALT FAIR on the theme "SALT PEOPLE" and Birthday of the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve

Aug. 09, 2023
This year, Lake Atanasovsko will celebrate with a special event on Saturday, August 12, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The traditional Salt Fair promotes value-added products from the coastal lagoon and lake. Various types of salt will be presented, including freshly harvested "green salt", lye and mud cosmetics, flower de sel, artisan milk chocolate with salt, Pelican soap with a cause, and souvenirs related to the beloved lake.

Atanasovsko lake enjoys many and well-informed friends, therefore the BBF team has prepared a special online QUIZ, and for those who answer all the questions correctly at the Fair - there will be prizes.

On August 12, 1980, the Atanasovsko Lake reserve was declared, so all guests will join the celebration of the birthday of the managed reserve. The owners of the reserve - the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water - Burgas will provide the traditional big cake for the celebration, and the little guests will blow out the candles together to wish the lake good "health" and ability to solve all its problems.

"We have invited some favourite artists to present their works and delight the audience not only with food for the body but also for the soul because Atanasovsko Lake is a real inspiration. Following the trend in Burgas, this year we have also invited a school rock band, Detention Trio, who we hope will bring new young friends to the lake. The celebration will end with a screening of the film "Salty People" and a discussion about the future of the lake," said the organizers from the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.

We will present a special WWF exhibition, "The Wonders of Nature: From Seed to Forest", which traces the process of a forest's birth. Salt people are sensitive not only to the conservation of wetlands but also to forests, so through this exhibition, which will be at symBiotic until August 25, visitors will learn about four types of forests that are a priority for conservation throughout Europe, for the most - the significant threats and challenges to their conservation and restoration, as well as to proper afforestation.

For the little guests there will be Children's workshops, and for the older guests there will be a Salt Studio with spices and Jewelry with salt.

Atanasovsko Lake is a managed reserve, a protected area, a Ramsar site, and together with the adjacent agricultural lands - a Natura 2000 zone. It is an example of the symbiosis between nature and man, and of what possibilities a Natura area offers and how various benefits can be derived from it - through salt, lye, its medicinal and aesthetic value, etc.

The event is organized within the framework of the LIFE project "The Lagoon of Life", implemented by the BBF, Black Sea Saltinas Ltd., BSPB and Zaedno 2011 and in partnership with RIEW Burgas.

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