Иво Данчев


Premiere of the film Salty People in Sofia

Jan. 25, 2023

On the old-style Atanasov Day - January 31, 2023, will be the much-awaited premiere of the film "Salty People". Unexpectedly for everyone it will be in Sofia, not in Burgas.

The idea of creating this film is related to the wider popularization of Lake Atanasovsko, to present it to a new and different audience that does not know it or has never even heard of it. That's why we decided to leave "home" and instead of our beloved audience in Burgas, to start this film journey in the Cinema House in Sofia and see how Alexandra Val's creative product will be received by an audience unfamiliar with the coastal lagoon.

So we start in Sofia, where after the screening there will be a meeting with the team, a charity bazaar with products from the lake and a salty cocktail, but then we will continue with Burgas and a tour around the country throughout the year.

Details of the film and trailer can be seen here.

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