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The Lagoon of Life with a poster at an international LIFE conference in Latvia

Oct. 07, 2020
The Lagoon of Life project was presented with a special poster during the international conference "Sustainable Management and Conservation of Coastal Habitats and Species", which took place on October 1-2 in the municipality of Ādaži, Latvia. The aim of the conference was to share experience and knowledge on the management, protection and management measures of coastal habitats.
The conference is part of the European Union's LIFE program "LIFE Nature and Biodiversity" LIFE CoHaBit "Conservation of coastal habitats in the Piejura Nature Park" (LIFE15 NAT / LV / 000900). The implementation of the project is coordinated by the Municipality of Carnikava in cooperation with the Latvian Nature Conservation Agency, the Riga Urban Development Department and the Baltic Coast NGO with the financial support of the EU LIFE program and the Administration of the State Agency for Regional Development. Latvia Environmental Protection Fund. The conference was part of the European Commission's Green Week 2020.
During the conference, participants from abroad joined online and had the opportunity to discuss the topics presented at the meeting - combating invasive alien plant species in Piejūra Nature Park, succession and restoration of coastal dunes, restoration of forested dunes, coastal erosion and coastal habitat management, etc.
There were also presentations on the Spanish project LIFE Salinas - Evolution of dunes related to coastal habitats and mapping of ecosystem services, as well as the Italian project LIFE Lagoon Refresh - Habitat of a coastal lagoon (1150 *) and restoration of species in the Venetian lagoon the inflow of fresh water and the restoration of the salt gradient.
The project included a poster on "Conservation of coastal habitats in Natura 2000 area Atanasovsko Lake, Bulgaria" and presented the conservation activities carried out by the team to restore the optimal water regime and reduce habitat fragmentation 1150 * to ensure full restoration of ecological processes in support of the unique biodiversity of the lake.

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