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The seminar "The present and future of salt pans" presented the French experience in their management

Mar 21, 2023

A team of the project "Lagoon of Life" participated in an international seminar "The present and future of salt pans", organized in the framework of the LIFE Sallina project (Sustainable Actions on Loire Lagoons for Improvement Assessment) from 7 to 9 March 2023 at the convention centre of the city of La Baule on the Atlantic coast. The project is managed by the regional structure, CAP Atlantique, which covers 15 municipalities in the region.

Invited participants shared their knowledge and experience in the management of coastal lagoons, active or abandoned salt marshes, in the Loire estuary region, on the Mediterranean in France and Cadiz, Spain, as well as on the Black Sea coast (Atanasovsko and Pomorie Lake lagoons), in monitoring and management of waterbird habitats in salt marshes, history and current challenges in salt production.

During the seminar, "The Lagoon of Life" was presented with two presentations (Management of the coastal habitats in Lake Atanasovsko and Involvement of the Public in the Management of Lake Atanasovsko and Lake Pomorie) and with poster (Landscape design approach in favour of convivial spatial organization for coastal wetlands. Case study scenario for Atanasovsko lake Natura 2000 area). Colleagues from Green Balkans presented the work in Pomorie Lake and also contributed with a poster.

We visited the salt marshes of Marais de Guérande and Mès, where were presented with the conservation activities implemented in the LIFE Sallina project.

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