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How to help

Become a volunteer

If you want to help Atanasovsko Lake, you can do it in several ways:
  • If video is your strength - we have a lot of work for you on shooting, editing and editing, as well as creating fresh stories with the main character of the lake.
  • If you are a photographer, you can send us your photos from Atanasovsko Lake and the species in it, and we will promote them in the best way.
  • If you like to just wander, you can help us by gathering information about everything curious, new or unusual that is happening in the lagoon area.
  • If you are a company or an individual with skills in welding services - we need your help for some important repairs.
  • If you are a carpenter, we need you for our ideas.
  • If you are an artist or designer you can help us with creating a design for new products with a cause from the lake.
  • If you know English and can take the time and energy to reach foreign language fans - help us with the translation of the materials we have in Bulgarian.
  • In the spring we need help to mow the grassy vegetation along the Avocet Trail.
  • If you like to be in the field and you want to participate in direct conservation activities, you can choose between island repairs, sampling, mowing grass, cleaning dikes and other terrain, monitoring species and habitats and more.
  • You can join the numerous events we organize (birthday, name day of the lake, Carnival of Biodiversity, etc.) depending on your interests and help us in conducting and publicizing them, with logistics or whatever else comes up.
  • If you have other skills that you would donate for the lake, contact us on 0896798908 or by e-mail:

Make a donation for our activities

If you like what we do for Atanasovsko Lake and think that our work is useful, you can make a donation that suits your capabilities.

You can make the donation in any of the ways you like:

IBAN: BG80STSA93000025975153
DSK Bank
holder: Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Get involved in our events and donate in a donation box.

To shop our products with a cause

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