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Natura 2000 zone

The Birds Heavens co-exists with people in the north-eastern part of Burgas – this is the Atanasovsko Lake. It us a hypersaline coastal lake cut by the Burgas-Varna road. The norther section is declared Managed Reserve (IUCN category IV), while the southern section is a buffer zone, later reclassified to a Protected Site (IUCN category III). The Lake together with the adjacent agriculture lands was designated a Natura 2000 zone under the Birds and Habitats Directives.

Special Protected Area under the Birds Directive (BG0000270)

Area: 7,210.02 ha


Location: Burgas District, Burgas Municipality, Settlements: Burgas, Banevo village, Vetren village, Izvorishte village, Rudnik village

Document for Declaration: Order No РД-839 of 17.11.2008 (State Gazette #108/19.12.2008)

The targets for conservation in the Atanasovsko Lake SPA are the birds listed according to Art. 6, para. 1, items 2.1 and 2.2, item 3 and item 4 of the Biodiversity Act.

The SPA was declared with the objective to:

  • conservation and maintenance of the habitats of the bird species referred to in item 2 in order to achieve their favourable conservation status;
  • restoration of the habitats of the bird species under item 2, the conservation status of which needs to be improved.


To guarantee the favourable conservation status of the bird species targeted, the following activities are restricted:

  1. The removal of landscape features (hedges, single and groups of trees) in the use of agricultural land as such;
  2. The afforestation of pastures, meadows and fields, as well as their conversion to arable lands and permanent cultures;
  3. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in pastures and meadows;
  4. Discharge of waters and drainage of water bodies, except for the purposes of salt extraction;
  5. Mowing of reed in the period between March 1st and August 15th;
  6. Burning of reed-beds and coastal vegetation;
  7. Building of wind-power generators, with the exception of projects that have been approved in accordance with the acting legislation before the date of publishing the order for declaration in the State Gazette.

The Order for Declaration of the SPA of the Minister of Environment and Water includes details on the birds that are the target for conservation and the land-plots with their cadastral codes.


Detailed information on the Natura 2000 zone could be obtained from the Natura 2000 website of the MOEW.


Order for the declaration of the Atanasovsko Lake SPA 173.64 KB(pdf) DOWNLOAD

Site of Community Importance (Special Area for Conservation) under the Habitat Directive (BG000270)

Targets and Conservation Objectives:

  • Conservation of the territory of the natural habitats and the habitats of the species and their populations that are targets for conservation within the protected zone;
  • Conservation of the natural state of the habitats and the habitats of the species that are targets of the conservation in the respective zone, including the natural species composition, the characteristic species and the environmental conditions;
  • Restoration, if necessary, of the area and natural state of priority natural habitats and habitats of species, as well as of populations of species subject to conservation within the protected zone.

Natural Habitats:

1150* Coastal lagoons

1310 Salicornia and other annuals colonising mud and sand

1410 Mediterranean salt meadows (Juncetalia maritimi)

1530* Pannonic salt steppes and salt marshes

2110 Embryonic shifting dunes

6110* Alysso-Sedion albi Rupicolous calcareous or basophilic grasslands of the Alysso-Sedion albi

Detailed information on the Natura 2000 zone could be obtained from the Natura 2000 website of the MOEW.

Currently, there is no Order of the Minister of Environment and Water declaring the SCI

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