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Public Advisory Council

In November 2019, a Public Advisory Council for Atanasovsko Lake was established, which will meet once a year to discuss important topics related to the lake. Familiarize yourself with the Minutes of the first meeting and the work of the working groups.
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Public council for Atanasovsko Lake

Public council for Atanasovsko Lake

Atanasovsko Lake is a valuable natural territory - parts of it are declared a managed reserve, a protected area, a Natura 2000 site. It is located in close proximity to several settlements and districts of Burgas, to Burgas Airport and to the agricultural lands of many farmers.  It has enormous scientific, conservation, tourist, and even cultural value.

We, the project partners, believe that it is important for all stakeholders to be involved in the activities that will take place during the six years of its implementation and to be able to give their opinions and recommendations so that the lake and its biodiversity are protected in the long term and to recover those areas that are damaged by climate change or human activity.

In this regard, the Public Council of Atanasovsko Lake was set up on 13 March 2013 to meet twice a year to discuss important topics for the lake. The first meeting was on the topic: Restoration of the Atanasovsko lakeside lagoon.

• A public council will be set up to work with the stakeholders taking decisions on the protection of Atanasovsko Lake, which will meet twice a year.
• The council will have a consultative and consultative role.
• Participants will exchange information about their activities or projects related to the site, exchanges of views between scientists and experts on issues related to the sustainable management of the lagoon.
• The public council will improve communication with the citizens of Bourgas.
• The Chairman of the Public Council will be rotated every year.

The first meeting took place in the hall of the Regional Information Center in Burgas. The board was discussed and new membership proposals were tabled. Konstantin Gospodinov, head of the LIFE + project Life for the Bourgas Lakes, was elected as chairman of the council.

More about Public council for Atanasovsko Lake

The Project team presented a short publication with all lessons learned during the process of establishing and developing the Public Council for Atanasovsko Lake - a successful tool for community, information and management of the Lake.

The document can be downloaded bellow but is available only in Bulgarian. 
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