What did we do for Atanasovsko Lake?


What we did for Atanasovsko Lake?

  • We have prepared the first (and still operating) Management Plan for the Atanasovsko Lake Managed Reserve (2003 - 2013), under the leadership of Tanyo Michev, which is one of the most functional and best implemented strategic documents for protected areas in Bulgaria (link in BG).
  • We have prepared the National Plan for the Conservation of the Most Important Wetlands in Bulgaria (2015-2025) with a team of the best specialists in Bulgaria, in which Atanasovsko Lake is a priority area (link).
  • We have implemented a number of urgent activities from the Atanasovsko Lake Maintenance Management Plan, such as organizing a conservation brigade to assist the reserve, research, construction and repair of bird islands, clearing of vegetation from dikes, marking the boundaries of the reserve and protected areas. terrain and more.
  • We carried out a number of activities within the framework of the LIFE + project “Life for Burgas Lakes”, which is led by BSPB and is carried out jointly with the Black Sea Saltwater AD, Burgas Municipality and RSPB.
  • From 2012 to 2018, we successfully implemented the LIFE + project “Salt of Life” together with BSPB and Black Sea Salinas Ltd. (link)
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