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TV crew
German television filmed the pink lake of Burgas
Oct. 12, 2023
The TV channel "Norddeutscher Rundfunk" (NDR) - public TV for northern Germany is shooting a film about autumn around Burgas and especially about the surrounding lakes. The foreign team filmed a 45' documentary for their show "Hanseblick", in which they travel to various locations in Northern Germany and Eastern Europe to rediscover them for German viewers.
With two posters at the European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate
Oct. 06, 2023
The 5th European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change, jointly organized by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and the European Network of Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA) took place from 26-28.09. in Bonn with a thematic focus on the impact and role of rivers and coastal wetlands.
Choose your favorite in the Annual Biodiversity and Climate Awards
Sep. 19, 2023
On September 30th will be the ceremony of the Annual Biodiversity and Climate Awards, which recognize the best examples in several categories - activists, journalists, campaigns politicians, responsible businesses and from this year for the first time - local campaigns.
RIEW initiated a Consultative council for Atanasovsko lake
Sep. 11, 2023
On September 7, 2023, a meeting was held to establish a Consultative Council for Lake Atanasovsko. Pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 of the Atanasovsko Lake Maintained Reserve Management Plan and Art. 46, para. 1 of the Law on Protected Areas, the director of the RIEW created a Consultative Council to discuss the main problems related to the management and protection of the reserve.
Aug. 13, 2023
Hundreds of visitors filled the courtyard of symBiotic on last night's festive evening and enjoyed the great atmosphere, the meeting with nice people and the interesting program of the organizers from the "Lagoon of Life" project and RIEW Burgas.
SALT FAIR on the theme "SALT PEOPLE" and Birthday of the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve
Aug. 09, 2023
This year, Lake Atanasovsko will celebrate with a special event on Saturday, August 12, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The traditional Salt Fair promotes value-added products from the coastal lagoon and lake. Various types of salt will be presented, including freshly harvested "green salt", lye and mud cosmetics, flower de sel, artisan milk chocolate with salt, Pelican soap with a cause, and souvenirs related to the beloved lake.
Green and sporty weekend in Burgas
Mai 08, 2023

From May 12 to 14, the new themed weekend in Burgas is coming - "Green and Sporty", in which we - the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation - are also actively involved.

The seminar "The present and future of salt pans" presented the French experience in their management
Mar 21, 2023

A team of the project "Lagoon of Life" participated in an international seminar "The present and future of salt pans", organized in the framework of the LIFE Sallina project (Sustainable Actions on Loire Lagoons for Improvement Assessment) from 7 to 9 March 2023 at the convention centre of the city of La Baule on the Atlantic coast. The project is managed by the regional structure, CAP Atlantique, which covers 15 municipalities in the region.

Today is World Wetlands Day
Feb. 02, 2023

Today is World Wetlands Day, the day the Ramsar Convention was signed to protect wetlands. They are fragile ecosystems that can easily be affected by human activities, such as drainage, development or the clearing of coastal forests, the construction of hydropower plants on rivers, etc.

Premiere of the film Salty People in Sofia
Jan. 25, 2023

On the old-style Atanasov Day - January 31, 2023, will be the much-awaited premiere of the film "Salty People". Unexpectedly for everyone it will be in Sofia, not in Burgas.


Today we celebrate Atanasov Day on Lake Atanasovsko.
Jan. 18, 2023

Since 2013 Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation organizes the celebration of Atanasov Day for Lake Atanasovsko with various events, including the 5th annual Atanasovsko Lake Half Marathon from the Sea Garden of Burgas to the border of the eponymous reserve.

On Atanasov Day we will practice Bird-watching at Lake Atanasovsko
Jan. 16, 2023

On Atanasov Day we invite you to meet the birds of Lake Atanasovsko because the southern part of the lake is currently teeming with feathery birds and what better way to celebrate the holiday of the beloved lake than to get acquainted with its inhabitants? Come on Wednesday, January 18 2023, at 4 pm to the Bird Watching Hide on the shore of Lake Atanasovsko.

Why are products with a cause so important?
Dec. 12, 2022
On 17 December 2022 (Saturday) a team of the BBF and the LIFE project Lagoon of Life will present in Sofia the products with a cause from Lake Atanasovsko. A special presentation by Diyana Kostovska and Gloriya Marinova will present "Why are products with a cause important?" by giving examples of different items related to the lagoon.
What are the hot issues and successes of Lake Atanasovsko?
Nov. 25, 2022

The Public Advisory Council discusses the conservation activities and hot issues in and around Lake Atanasovsko.

On 25 November (Friday) 2022, the third meeting of the Public Council for Lake Atanasovsko was held in the Chamber Hall of NHK Culture Centre on the topic "The restoration of Lake Atanasovsko - main challenges for biodiversity and salt production".

Three American students in Burgas
Nov. 18, 2022

Three American students spent three months in Burgas, studying Atanasovsko lake. These include fieldwork, scientific studies of the Greater flamingo and some Waders, research of sea grasses and especially Ruppia maritima, study of salt marshes, monitoring of dragonflies in Lake Pomorie, etc.

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