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Young people's ideas about Atanasovsko lake

Sep. 29, 2023
A BBF team participated in the innovative camp for Atanasovsko Lake, which was organized by the Municipality of Burgas, Junior Achievement and SU "Kliment Ohridski" within the horizon project Re value.

The camp started with a theoretical part to familiarize the 50 participants (students from Burgas High Schools and PhD who work with SU) with the topic and digital approaches in the Regional Library. Gloriya Marinova from BBF presented the environmental challenges in the area and in particular Atanasovsko Lake. Associate Professor Stelian Dimitrov from Sofia University presented the digital possibilities for more effective adaptation of urbanized territories to climate change.

The afternoon part was dedicated to field visits. The students visited the Atanasovsko Lake area - firstly seeing how different technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS) and LIDAR geodata collection can be used, then visiting the 'symbiotic' and the Bird Watching Shelter where they saw up close some of the residents making the lake so remarkable – pelicans, egrets, Avocets, ducks and flamingos. Here they were led by Radostina Tsenova from BBF

On September 28, the participants, divided into 8 teams, worked in the creative atmosphere of Cengene Skele to solve the case study that was set for them to propose ideas for the development of the area while guaranteeing the protection of its natural value. Gloriya Marinova and Dr Anna Antonova (from the University of Munich - our partner in the EmpowerUs project) were mentors - each of two teams. In the evening, the ideas of the participants were presented and Diana Pavlova from BBF participated in the jury. The teams offered small camps adapted to the biodiversity of the protected area, guided walking and cycling tours, creation and promotion of sea salt products, theater stages, wooden paths for walking and bird watching and even a golf course in symbiosis with nature.

The camp was held entirely in English, because of the foreign participants.

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