Report from the International saltwater webinar on 2nd February, 2022

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF), Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) organised an international webinar Conservation and sustainable use of saltwater wetlands in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region on 2nd of February 2022. The webinar has celebrated World Wetlands Day 2022 and highlighted the importance of saltwater wetlands for people and nature.

Lecturers from Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Montenegro and Bulgaria have presented best practices for bird conservation in saltwater wetlands, the example of dragonflies for increasing biodiversity in saline wetlands, birdwatching tourism, biosaline agriculture to the recovery and management of the abundant salt pans, main management techniques and conservation actions used in the restoration of wetlands and demonstrated the benefits for people and nature, and socio-economic and ecosystem services to save the saltpans.

Here you can find the summaries from all presentations of the webinar.

On the youtube channel of Biodiversity foundation, you can watch all presentations. 

Webinar report 02022022 4.51 MB (pdf) Download

The Matrix

The Matrix for integrated monitoring of 1150* Habitat aims to propose an algorithm for monitoring and assessing the conservation status of coastal lagoons in modified lagoons, in particular, active salt pans for the production of sea salt by solar evaporation in the Black Sea biogeographical region.
matrix in BG 2.23 MB (pdf) Download

The Expert reports for 2019

The experts reports for 2019 analyzed the development of species and habitats and the impact of the project conservation work carried out on them.

Report for Birds monitoring 2019 1.81 MB (pdf) Download
Report for habitat 1410 2.84 MB (pdf) Download
Report for habitat 1310 4 MB (pdf) Download
Report for habitat 1150 3.04 MB (pdf) Download

Public Advisory Council

In November 2019, a Public Advisory Council for Atanasovsko Lake was established, which will meet once a year to discuss important topics related to the lake. Familiarize yourself with the Minutes of the first meeting and the work of the working groups.
protocol of the 1st meeting 821.64 KB (pdf) Download
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