Our work at the moment


The Activities

A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

  • Modelling for integrated monitoring of habitat 1150
  • Carry out preparatory work to enable the habitat restoration works
  • Feasibility study for establishing sustainable and financially valuable mechanisms to secure the future conservation management of the Lagoon
  • Marketing strategy to identify new products/services from the salt-pans that add value to the Atanasovsko Lake provisioning and cultural ecosystem services
  • Develop and implement Project Communication Strategy and Yearly Actions Plans


C. Conservation actions

  • Restoration of the optimal water regime in the habitat 1150
  • Reduce fragmentation of Habitat 1150
  • Develop and test a scheme for improving water quality involving Ruppia maritima
  • Create feeding and roosting sites for Great Bittern and other species of conservation concern
  • Create a participatory Conservation Model to increase the profitability of the Atanasovsko Lake products/services

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (obligatory)

  • Monitoring of the impact of the project activities on hydrological and hydrochemical parameters from the conservation status of the lagoon
  • Monitoring of the impact of the project activities on biodiversity (key plant and animal species, inhabiting the lagoon, breeding and roosting)
  • Monitoring technical effectiveness
  • Monitoring on project impact on the ecosystem function restoration

E. Public awareness and dissemination of results (obligatory)

  • Project visibility actions
  • Awareness-raising activities for the general public
  • Replication, Networking & LIFE platform meeting
  • Build Capacity for Integrated Management of the Wetlands
  • Promoting the Atanasovsko Lake participatory Conservation Model

F. Project management (obligatory)

  • Project management by BBF
  • Establish and make operational a Project Steering Group and a Public Advisory Council
  • Sign Partnership Agreements
  • Project technical and financial reporting, and monitoring
  • Develop an “After-Life Conservation Plan”
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