Иво Данчев


A fire is burning in Atanasovsko Lake

Feb. 18, 2022
At 13.00 today a large fire broke out in the southern part of Atanasovsko Lake - the reed massifs between the bypass canal and the lake. For hours, firefighters struggled to control the blaze, which was growing because of today's strong winds. After the cessation of its impulses and thanks to the proximity of the canal from which the firefighters took water, the fire was controlled. The cause of the blaze was not found.

After receiving signals from various sources, an expert on the Lagoon of Life project, together with colleagues from RIEW Burgas arrived immediately at the scene of the fire.

"There were all sorts of versions here about the cause of the fire - that a stranger passed by, then the fire broke out, that it was a spark from road repairs on the other side, that it was one of the people who had gardens and decided to clear at this moment with this strong wind. But the reasons are still unclear. "

The firefighters were very dedicated and performed miracles of courage, despite the fact that for a long time they extinguished the canal only with water. The fire was brought under control only when the large specialized fire brigade entered near the reeds and the powerful water jet stopped the fire wall permanently. We hope that the fire will not start again, because there are still places that are smoldering, and the reeds are dry and easily flammable.

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