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A visit of Albanian group of nature conservators

Mar 11, 2022
the group
On March 10 and 11, 2022 a group from the Society for the  Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA), the Regional Administration of the Protected Area of ​​Vlora and the Salinas AlbSale visited Bulgaria and especially the Burgas wetlands region.

The Lagoon of Life project team presented in detail their work in the Atanasovsko Lake area - the different approaches over the years - from Bird species level & Lagoon-site based, through habitat level and today - Ecosystem level & Natura 2000 site. Good practices and difficulties in the conservation of biodiversity in the territory of the active salinas were shared. Some products with added value from the lake, the ecosystem services of the lagoon, etc. were presented.

Ryan Crehan Fulbright Fellow from the United States join the group too. He works as a biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service restoring wetlands in his regular job. He will spend in Bulgaria 4 months in the Fulbright Scholar Program learning about the wetland restoration work in Bulgaria and collaborating with Bulgarian scientists on wetland restoration projects.  WWF Bulgaria is his host institution.

The greatest interest was during the field visits - first on the Avocet Trail, where from the Birdwatching Hide we've observed the first Avocets and Dunlins, as well as Shelduchs, Teals, Pelicans and even alone flamingo.

Very interesting for the group was the visit to the symbiotic space, as well as the dikes of the Southern Salinas. Despite the truly arctic cold during these two days, no one refused to see the view from the famous "Point", where every autumn ornithologists meet during the autumn migration of birds over the lake.

The next day continued with a visit to Pomorie Lake, where our colleague Dimitar Popov presented the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon" and the problems currently facing the lake.

The afternoon was dedicated to the Poda Nature Conservation Center and the protected area, managed by BSPB.

The visit of the Albanian group of environmentalists was organized by the colleagues from BSPB, within their joint project Land of Eagles and Castles.

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