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Action for cleaning of Atanasovsko Lake area

Aug. 22, 2020
cleaning action
The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) has joined the summer campaign for cleaning the wetlands around Burgas and polluted places on the southern Black Sea coast, organized by the Burgas District Administration. The campaign is implemented within the project "Joint cross-border initiatives to reduce waste in the Aegean and Black Seas (Seas without waste)", funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg - IPA Bulgaria - Turkey 2014 - 2020.

On August 21, 2020 (Friday) about 50 people took part in an action to clean the area around Atanasovsko Lake. Part of the group gathered in front of the District Administration of Burgas and was personally greeted by the District Governor - Mr. Valcho Cholakov, and another part was directly at the assembly point on the road to Rudnik

Thanks to the active involvement of the group from the Rudnik district, under the expert guidance of the mayor's office in the new Burgas district, the citizens had already started cleaning the first point of the route the day before. With the equipment provided by Burgascvet 90-Tanev and by Nelson Chistota Burgas, construction waste was transported, which is beyond the scope of any volunteer action. There were several "hot spots" along the route in the northern part of the lake, which revealed dozens of car tires, armchairs, stoves, beds, etc.

Thanks to the voluntary work of citizens, employees of RIEW Burgas, District Administration and BBF, dozens of bags of waste were collected and sent to the landfill.

The most repulsive for all participants was the part of cleaning the paved road from the clover of Solnitsite to the nursery, which is obviously used as a toilet and "love haunt" and where we came across hundreds of wet towels, condom packaging, plastic bottles, etc. 

The action ended on the Saber Beak Trail, where for the safety of the citizens the favorite observatory "The Nest" was removed, which is broken and already dangerous to visit. The BSE hopes to be able to replace it with another similar one, which is now on the health alley in Ezero Park, so that visitors to the Saber Beak Trail can take full advantage of its qualities.

The cleaning of the routes was part of the work of the BBF on the development of 4 routes for visitors in Atanasovsko Lake within the project "Destination Flamingo", funded by the Public Council of TELUS International Bulgaria. In the northern part of the lake, we cleaned exactly part of the most attractive one - 30 km bike route around the lake.

The Seas Without Waste campaign is tackling an important issue, such as the indiscriminate dumping of unexpected waste in completely unexpected places. On the other hand, with the personal example of hundreds of volunteers from institutions, organizations and citizens, in just two months, places with an important ecological function have been cleaned. There are over 200 participants in the three campaigns conducted under the project of the Burgas District Administration. Among them are employees of the RIEW, the Municipalities of Burgas and Primorsko, representatives of the Forestry Directorate and the Regional Agriculture Directorate. The participation of the non-governmental sector in the person of the Via Pontica Foundation, the Green Strandzha NGO, and the Biodiversity Foundation is also active. The clean-up began on Lake Vaya in mid-July, continued with locations around the Ropotamo Reserve and ended at Atanasovsko Lake. All participants also received special gifts from the organizers - a reusable metal bottle, a large canvas bag, a T-shirt on the Sea without waste and a notebook with a pen.

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