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Biking for Biodiversity

Aug. 08, 2022
in symBiothic
Hanna and Jonas are two cyclists who have embarked on a bicycle journey in over 20 countries from Germany to Singapore under the name Biking4biodiversity, with the idea of ​​discovering and sharing interesting biodiversity conservation initiatives and telling the story of the people and organizations behind them.

Hanna is from a small town on the Danube floodplain in Slovakia. From a young age, she loves to travel the world, and get to know other cultures, nature and lifestyles. She began her career as an environmentalist, conservationist, optimist and woman of action, hoping to make a small but significant contribution to the preservation of the world's biodiversity. She has worked in Austria's Donau-Auen National Park as well as the international NGO European Wilderness Society. Working with people from different cultures, with different values, goals and priorities, Hannah learns that it can be a big challenge to harmonize our conservation goals. the planet and that nature do not have the same value and importance for everyone.

After meeting Jonas (from Frankfurt, Germany, who has a lot of experience studying and volunteering about biodiversity) in a small town in the heart of the Austrian Alps, they discover that they have a common goal: to use the knowledge they have gained in Europe and explore conservation initiatives beyond our continent in the most sustainable way possible, learning and raising awareness about community-based action. "In the end, we decided to take the plunge: save up, give away most of our belongings and start an adventure that is completely new to us: cycling for biodiversity from Germany to Southeast Asia. I'm grateful to share this adventure with all the people who tag along with us!” says Hannah.

Hana and Jonas learned about the work of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in Atanasovsko Lake, the activities of the "Lagoon of Life" project, the threats to the lake and the opportunities it provides. At the beginning of August, they visited the symbiotic space, the southern part of Atanasovsko Lake, and together with our American students, the lye and mud pools.
"Our goal is impactful storytelling to encourage people to think bigger and act bolder for nature, and to promote global understanding and unity in and to some of the world's least-known places." - share the cyclists. You can follow their adventures and encounters with interesting species on their website

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