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Mai 23, 2019
More than 90 children from 15 schools in Burgas paraded on Bogoridi Street and on the Snail summer stage

The traditional Carnival of Biodiversity took place in a new format this year. In the spirit of the festive procession for the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, the organizers called on the small and very colorful participants to gather on the square in front of the Municipality and from there under the sounds of trumpet and drum to parade for nature on Bogoridi Street to the Sea Garden. Flowers, ladybugs, storks and insects created a great mood and caused smiles and applause from passers-by and people in the cafes. That was the idea - as many people as possible to see the creative and extremely impressive costumes of the children and the efforts made by parents and teachers to prepare them. It was interesting that many parents had disguised themselves for the procession - with wreaths, wings and more. The crowded colorful procession filled Bogoridi Street, and thanks to the Municipal Police and the movement of cars was stopped while the children marched, dressed as plants and animals.

The procession ended on the Snail summer stage, where each school presented its "team". The children presented themselves to the jury and the audience, and in the opinion of many of the guests this year there were extremely artistic and masterful costumes of various inhabitants of the living nature of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Municipality of Burgas, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) - Burgas, together with all participants created a colorful nature festival with many awards and mood.

A jury consisting of Maria Andreeva from RIEW - Burgas, Diana Pavlova from BBF, the project "Lagoon of Life" and Dilyana Tsenova from the civil quota carefully monitored the participants and determined the winners in the 6 categories.
  • The jury award for the most spectacular costume of a wild plant found in Bulgaria went to Misha from DG "Goldfish", who had a fantastic costume of Strandzha periwinkle. The young participant said that she had not seen her live yet, but her grandmother showed her photos.
  • The award for the most spectacular costume of a wild animal found in Bulgaria went to Persian from kindergarden "Sun", who was a remarkable beetle. His godmother had helped him with the suit.
  • Gabi from Ran Bosilek Kindergarten, which was Strandzha Nature Park, won the award for attractive presentation of a characteristic habitat or ecosystem. She presented the whole variety of species in Strandzha - oak, cones, bird's nest with eggs, squirrel, otter, even a snake wrapped around her legs.
  • The award for the most original recycled suit went to Daria from DG "Sailor", who presented a remarkable peacock costume with a long tail that is raised (with a mechanism). The child shared that her mother had set aside 7 dinners to make it.
  • The award for the most spectacular imitation of an animal was won by Desi from Lyuben Karavelov Primary School, who demonstrated the sound of the chamois (a very special species for the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation).
  • The jury also awarded 4 prizes for the most attractive school - to Ran Bosilek Kindergarten (the most numerous and impressive group of participants), Zlatna Ribka Kindergarten, Pinocchio Kindergarten and Lyuben Karavelov Primary School. “. All of them receive a free visit to the "symbiotic" space in Atanasovsko Lake at a convenient day and time for the group.
The organizers thank all the children, parents, teachers and school principals who got involved, prepared and organized the remarkable participants in the Carnival of Biodiversity. And they wish new meetings next year, when the jubilee 10th edition of the Carnival in Burgas will take place. Until then, let everyone be more often in nature, on bicycles or on foot and enjoy the incredible nature in the richest in biodiversity and protected areas in Bulgaria - Burgas.

The Carnival of Biodiversity is organized by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, the Municipality of Burgas and RIEW - Burgas and was dedicated to Natura Day 2000 and the International Day of Biodiversity and was on the topic "Biodiversity and Natura 2000". The carnival is held within the project "Lagoon of Life" on the BBF, funded by the LIFE program of the European Union.

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