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Ecology students on a practice at Atanasovsko Lake

Sep. 25, 2020

During this week Ecology students at "Prof. Asen Zlatarov" Burgas University visited Atanasovsko Lake. Their visit was related to practical work on monitoring and management of wetlands as part of a training program that BBF and the University are implementing in the master's specialities within the Lagoon of Life project.

The students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the monitoring objectives and monitoring activities performed by the BBF and BSPB in Atanasovsko Lake - hydrological and physico-chemical monitoring, monitoring of habitats and birds. Sampling and measurement of water indicators in Atanasovsko Lake through a field device for analysis, sampling for laboratory analysis and methods for monitoring plant communities were demonstrated. Conservation activities currently underway in the Lagoon were also monitored - the restoration of mini-dikes and cleaning of salt canals. The process of planning, implementation and assessment of the effect of conservation activities on the species and habitats, as well as the specifics of the functioning of the ecosystem of Atanasovsko Lake in the conditions of salt production were discussed. The students had the opportunity to observe the process of collecting salt, which is currently in full action.

As part of the activity "Capacity building for integrated wetland management," the project team created a practical guide for wetland management - a collection of 5 lecture topics, including all aspects of the operation and protection of wetlands and a practical guide for fieldwork. The manual will be able to be used in the curricula of higher schools, as well as by specialists and experts working in the field of ecology and management and control of wetlands.


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