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Lecture on Atanasovsko Lake on World Wetlands Day

Jan. 29, 2021
February 2nd is World Wetlands Day and the project team will be a guest of the Tours with the cause of Traventuria company through an online event on Facebook and will present one of the most remarkable Bulgarian examples of a well-managed and maintained wetland - Atanasovsko Lake.

Located within Burgas, the lake demonstrates how a protected area can function in favor of nature and support the rational use of natural resources - salt, healing mud, lye and more. In search of new ways for long-term and sustainable protection of the lagoon, the team of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation has created a special fund for the most urgent environmental activities.

Every year on February 2, we celebrate World Wetlands Day to raise global awareness of the great importance of wetlands for humans and our planet. WWD is also the occasion to mark the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971.

Wetlands and water is the theme of WWD 2021, which focuses on wetlands as a source of fresh water and encourages action to restore and halt their loss.

We are facing a growing freshwater crisis that threatens people and our planet. We use more fresh water than nature can provide, and we destroy the ecosystem on which water and all life depend the most - wetlands.

The 2021 campaign highlights the contribution of wetlands to the quantity and quality of freshwater on our planet. Water and wetlands are linked in an inseparable coexistence that is vital to life, our well-being and the health of our planet.

We present you interesting materials of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, from which you can learn all the news on the subject. Some of the materials were translated by MedWet and others by the project team.
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