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On Atanasov Day we will practice Bird-watching at Lake Atanasovsko

Jan. 16, 2023

On Atanasov Day we invite you to meet the birds of Lake Atanasovsko because the southern part of the lake is currently teeming with feathery birds and what better way to celebrate the holiday of the beloved lake than to get acquainted with its inhabitants? Come on Wednesday, January 18 2023, at 4 pm to the Bird Watching Shelter on the shore of Lake Atanasovsko.

The team of the Lagoon of Life project promises lots of flamingos, Dalmatian pelicans, Shelduck, Eurasian teal and other protected bird species. In the afternoon the impressive pelicans return from Lake Vaya, where they feed and present an amazing sight - flying low over the waters and dykes of Lake Atanasovsko, where they land for the night. Around them, the flamingos feed peacefully, which can also be seen well up close and are dark pink in colour.

Since 2013 the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation has been celebrating Atanasov Day at Lake Atanasovsko and organizing various events and this year will be no exception. But instead of the traditional and eponymous half-marathon, which was held for 5 years together with "Green Strandja" and Burgas Municipality, this January we offer to enjoy the flighty inhabitants of the lagoon and practice the so popular in Europe and around the world birdwatching.

The BBF and the Burgas REWI (who are the owners of the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve and the Birdwatching Shelter) will provide binoculars and optical tubes, bird identifiers and ornithologists. The citizens of Burgas are asked to come well dressed (even though the forecast says it will be .... 17 degrees (is there anyone else who doubts climate change?!)), take coffee or tea and enjoy an hour in the wildlife of the city.

In 2023. Atanasov Day will be celebrated in the old style on January 31, when the premiere of the documentary film about Lake Atanasov - "Salty People" will be held in Sofia.

Details can be followed on the Facebook event

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