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Festivals for the Salt from Atanasovsko Lake

Aug. 11, 2020
BBF team with Sevda
This long weekend was dedicated to salt and Atanasovsko Lake. On August 6, Chef Sevda Dimitrova gathered a large audience at the Burgas Sea Station, demonstrating the qualities of the "fleur de sel". Guests couldn't wait to try her brownie with salted caramel, red onion and zucchini and cucumber pickles, and gravlax salmon. In particular, the preparation of phage fillet with potato espuma with vanilla, glazed vegetables and seafoam, but the lucky ones who tried it were very few.

There was great interest in the presentation of the popular woman from Burgas, especially from the children, who could not wait to try the dishes with salt, as well as to use the opportunity to take pictures with her.

The next two days - August 7 and 8 - were dedicated to the Salt Fair, which took place during the Local Fest in the Sea Garden around the Graphic Base. Casual Burgas atmosphere, a lot of spirits and fresh mood accompanied the whole festival, and we had a stand for salt, cosmetics and chocolate, children's workshops for modern salt pans and salt painting, and in partnership with colleagues from the project "Your food" of Bioselena Foundation, we offered very interesting and useful culinary workshop "Salt". Its host was Elina Chekalarova from Culinary Club "Amco" for young and old hobby chefs in Burgas. 20 amateur chefs got acquainted with some typical dishes that use salt.

In the evenings we offered two interesting films - the Iranian culinary comedy "Pastarians" (August 7) ​​and the beautiful film by Ian Arthus-Bertrand and Michel Pitio "Mediterranean" (August 8).

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation launches the campaign "A pinch of salt with a cause", which the team of the LIFE project The Lagoon of Life launched to demonstrate various products and services from Atanasovsko Lake, which in addition to added value, help protect in this significant natural area.

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