Иво Данчев


The filming of the movie about Lake Atanasovsko has finished

Aug. 25, 2022

An exciting week for the team of the project Lagoon of Life, who participated in the filming of the new movie about Lake Atanasovsko "Salty People". Wonderful weather, unexpected encounters with pelicans, storks and salt workers. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the pink-red colours of the salt lake and the wings of thousands of birds are the magic that makes Lake Atanasovsko inspiring, both for the people who have been working for years to protect it and for part of the film crew who came here for the first time.

Filming with a "ronin" and a drone, wading in the lake, smearing with mud and lying in the lye, scorching sun and salt on the skin were among the experiences that the filming process brought to the film crew. For the professional naturalists and non-professional actors (Spas, Radost, Diyana and Gloriya) the filming process was a real challenge - make-up, take after take, evocative narration or just a communicative sentence. What the salty people do in and for the lake, what brings them satisfaction and what motivates them we will find out once the next stage of post-production is complete. We hope that our collaboration will be successful and the film will tell in the best way why this lake is so precious and how the balance between man and nature is maintained.

BBF would like to thank the writer and director Alexandra Val, the cinematographer Georgi Chelebiev and the people behind the professional sound, camera, focus, drone, make-up, catering.





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