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Today our Gloriya successfully defended her master's thesis on the lake

Aug. 25, 2021
Today, Gloria Marinova, who developed her master's thesis specifically for Atanasovsko Lake, defended online and presented herself excellently to the team of the University of Wageningen, where she graduated in the presence of our team, which also monitors the defence.
The topic of the master's thesis is "Lagoon of Life - in search of interface for the Natura 2000 area Atanasovsko Lake", on which Gloria has been working for 2 years. She appeared as an intern with us in Burgas and helped us start the Public Advisory Council for the lake. The council's work in groups later served in her master's thesis, and the results of her analysis were presented at its second meeting this July.

The thesis supervisor is Dr. Ir. Ingrid Duhart, and the master's thesis is in Landscape Architecture at the University of Wageningen.

We present to you the Acknowledgments of Gloriya, with which her work begins and which briefly say all the most important things:

In what way are boundaries welcoming? How can we step far beyond the concept of a boundary as a line around an object?  But a boundary as an interface that provides space for encountering, communicating, and living with the other. A boundary that generates capacity for care and respectful common interactions. Curious about these questions and inspired by the vivid life of the lagoon Atanasovsko lake I dived into this research with all my heart, passion, and insecurities.

This thesis is a result of a highly valuable learning process in Wageningen University & Research, where I was inspired and motivated by so many extraordinary minds, I had the chance to encounter. But above all, it is a process that is far be-yond the learning of the extraordinary superpowers of the Landscape Architecture profession. Foremost, it is a learning to adapt, to change, to flow, to be the process not the goal.

I would like to express my eternal gratitude to my supervisor Ingrid Duchart. For being by my side during all this time when I was questioning, shifting, and changing my mind. For the all-shared passion, tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and just the possibility to be in her presence.

I would like to thank the team of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, and especially Lagoon of Life project members:

Diyana Kostovska, the project leader, who shared knowledge, expertise, and visions. But foremost, I would like to thank her for the trust, shared energy, and opened possibilities.

Spas Uzunov for his ecological expertise, critiques and humour.

Radostina Tsenova for the encouragement and so much assistance with the co-ordination of my favourite part - the participatory event Public Advisory Council for Atanasovsko lake.

Diana Pavlova for encouraging me to step into the Lagoon of Life.

And here I would like to share how grateful I am for my parents, who are believing in my dreams, even when it seems impossible for me.


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