Иво Данчев


We discussed the profession of Ecologist with the kids from FRENE school

Feb. 11, 2021
Today we talked with the kids from the Burgas school Frene about the profession of .... ECOLOGIST. Our expert Radostina Tzenova visited the school, which is currently open to students from I to III grade after the invitation of their teacher Galina Zhelyazkova.

In the casual learning environment, Radostina told them what it means today to be an ecologist in Bulgaria and what these people do, including herself. Sometimes you do research on water samples, other times on fish in the lake. Once you teach students, other times you lead whole groups, even international ones. You observe biodiversity, sleep in a tent ... It turned out that some of the children also slept in a tent more than once. And their favorite place is coastal camping Dolphin. Some were in Strandzha, others in symbiotic space and the Avocet Trail.

We discussed when you even have to go on the streets to protect nature. We even had participants in some protests in Burgas :) But also in the Salt Festival, the Carnival of Biodiversity. Environmentalists sometimes speak to the media and defend their position, but other times they even have occasions to celebrate or give awards to those who best protect nature.

In the end, the biggest reward was that 10 out of 11 children said they wanted to become environmentalists. What a great recognition! That is why they received a special award from the BBF - the wonderful calendar for 2021 - the year of nature protection!

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