Иво Данчев



Sep. 15, 2021

Supporting biodiversity for Europe’s green recovery

Biodiversity loss and climate change are the biggest environmental threats we face today. To address such crises, the EU has set in place a series of climate and environmental objectives as part of the European Green Deal. However, in order to achieve these objectives, significant increases in funding and investments are needed in the next decade.

This report introduces a selection of five case studies from central and eastern Europe highlighting successful biodiversity restoration and/or conservation projects that are also able to deliver climate adaptation and mitigation measures.

These examples serve to create awareness about the many ways nature can be a key part of rebuilding our economies. These can be replicated and developed by a wide range of actors, including EU funds and national and regional governments, as well as the finance sector and business.

We are especially proud that one of these good case studies that have been demonstrated is our experience in the coastal lagoon Atanasovsko Lake.

This publication of CEE Bankwatch Network has been financed by EuroNatur and the MAVA Foundation and with the financial assistance of the European Union.


  • Botanical Garden in the Marszewo Forest
  • Renovation of Gaštanica Park
  • Bird and Amphibian Support in the Josefov Meadows Preserving the ‘Salt of Life’ at Atanasovsko Lake
  • Vértes Nature Park
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