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Why are products with a cause so important?

Dec. 12, 2022

On 17 December 2022 (Saturday) a team of the BBF and the LIFE project Lagoon of Life will present in Sofia the products with a cause from Lake Atanasovsko. A special presentation by Diyana Kostovska and Gloriya Marinova will present "Why are products with a cause important?" by giving examples of different items related to the lagoon.

The famous milk chocolate with sea salt from Lake Atanasovsko, created by the artisan company "Gayo", was (the first white swallow for the team) the first symbol of new beginnings. Through it, we began to tell the story of the birds and the cocoa beans that became entwined along the Lake Atanasovsko cause. The company donates 7% of each chocolate bar's profits to Lake Atanasovsko activities and so far we have been able to maintain the avocet’s path, repair and maintain signage and tourist infrastructure.

"Flight in the Salt" is an art project by the young artist Bilyana Desheva, who created 25 large oil paintings inspired by the lake and its winged inhabitants. In order to continue the life of the canvases after the exhibitions in Burgas and Sofia, Bilyana created a special book, which she gave to Lake Atanasovsko. All proceeds from its sale go to activities in the lagoon.

Our newest pride is a beautiful and fragrant product, created by the symbiosis between our team and the people at Uhaya - a fragrance boutique in the heart of Sofia, who make soaps and spread fragrance, light and beauty. Inspired by the pelicans of Lake Atanasovsko, they created a beautiful soap with a cause that is in the pink colors of the lagoon, has a "bohor" shape, is covered in salt and even a little pelican "inside the pink waters". Uhaya is donating 10% of sales to the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation to support the birds of Lake Atanasovsko.

Green salt is our newest product, which we are currently developing using a plant from the lake - glasswort. With special permission, we harvest a certain amount of the green Salicornia, which we dry and grind to produce a salt-free green salt. That is, a product that provides a gentle saltiness but is milder in action than pure salt. For now, we only offer it as a delicious tea with added mint, but next season we will be ready to distribute it as a seasoning for use in food.

You will get to know these and other products if you visit our event this Saturday at 14:00 at Hristo Belchev Street 3 (ground floor) in the new shared social space of the Bulgarian Center for Non-Trust Law, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Jamba.

Bring your friends, bring a big bag, and take advantage of the Christmas fair "Little is Much" that runs there on December 16 and 17, so we can shop for a cause and give meaning.

We look forward to seeing you there. You can find out more at the Facebook event .

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